Tailoring Your Suits and Sport Coats, Dresses and Skirts.

There is no Substitute for Good Tailoring.

Tailoring is one of the most crucial parts to proper suiting. Our master tailors are some of the best in the business. By hand, they masterfully take your items and tailor them to specifications designated by your salesmen.

Because each person’s body is unique, a good tailor is a must. We do not charge additionally for the majority of things that need to be tailored, and if additional charges are required we will let you know in advance. Our tailoring of in store items typically takes 1 week to be finished. That being said, our tailors are on site and if you need something in a hurry we are happy to accommodate.

Items needing to be tailored that aren’t purchased in our store can also be tailored here. Our same tailors that work on Brioni or Kiton suits will also take the same care on your other items. Turn around time for outside purchases typically take 2-3 weeks as we prioritize in store purchases.

Please call for any additional tailoring questions: 801. 364. 1851