Suits and Sport Coats

Dress Like A Man
-Slim Fit or Gentlemen Styled-

A well-dressed gentleman is a symbol of hope – a walking embodiment of dignity, sophistication and power. With our attention to detail, and ipeccable master tailor, you can rest assured that your UWM clothing will fit you perfectly.

We will walk you through every point of fit on our suit and pants. Every man is built differently, but the fit should remain the same; updated and perfect.


One of the most important items to any man’s wardrobe is the trouser.

The problem for many men is finding a trouser that fits them and compliments their body – looking updated but not cheap.

Our slacks have many different fits from slim to straight, tapered to full. We are happy to tailor your slacks so that they fit you the way you would like them to.

There are many tips that will help you look your best. Come to our shop and try some different styles and brands. We will be sure to find the style and color that helps you look your best.