sophisticated designs that don’t compromise comfort

As a young woman traveling the world, Misook Doolittle realized she needed a wardrobe that packed well, but was still elegant. Being on the go meant that she didn’t have time for trips back and forth to the drycleaners, but she wasn’t willing to sacrifice style. And that was the inspiration that lead to Exclusively Misook.

The first pieces were hand-knit by the designer herself. With a background as a painter, Misook used her trained eye to create unique silhouettes and color palettes. The pieces looked fashionable, but still felt comfortable; they resisted wrinkles and could be cared for at home. Soon friends and strangers were stopping her, asking for a Misook creation of their own.

Decades later Misook still designs the line herself, as well as serving as the company’s president. And she still travels the world, always packing Exclusively Misook. “I design what I love to wear, and what I need for my busy life. I’m fortunate that so many other women share my vision.”

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