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Italo Ferreti

As you might guess, we respect a family business that is generational yet on the cutting edge of fashion.

Italo Ferreti has taught his sons the lost art of hand-crafting ties that are beautiful yet funcitonal. This company has built ties for some of the most expensive name brands in the business including Brioni. They are humble enough to let somebody else put their name on their masterpieces yet smart enough to market their own name. Come see our large selection!

Rolando Scapellato spent most of his career at Brioni creating some of their most cherished designs. He began to envision a new tie, one that would revolutionize the tie industry. He thought up Italo Ferreti, “soft point” in Italian, and created a tie that actually came to a rounded point.

Extremely well made seven fold and eleven fold ties are very difficult to find. A seven fold tie is a single piece of fabric folded seven times to give the tie body and ability to tie hundreds of knots without loosing shape. Italo Ferreti struck pioneer ground when it created the Eleven Fold tie. Instead of seven folds, it features eleven folds of extremely fine silk fabric.

We have an impressive collection of Italo Ferreti. Ask us about the Eleven Fold tie!

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