Men’s Sport Coats

Richard Street

We tailor virtually all of our jackets the “old fashioned” way, with a fully basted imported hymo-canvas construction.

Many years ago, virtually all suits were made this way, but now, very few. It’s a costly and difficult process – but we still feel it’s the best way.

There are over 233 individual “operations” or steps involved in making a Richard Street sport coat, including 34 under pressings, 13 off-pressings and 3 hand pressings, and of course, quality inspections all down the line. Oh, yes, there are 15 different kinds of thread in each sport coat as well. Each designed for a specific purpose. We “spec” every button and lining for every coat. We will never try to save a few pennies a garment by eliminating an operation or by using a cheaper component.

We buy fabrics from the finest looms of Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and South Korea. Our fabric development team attends the major European textile fairs and are in constant touch with the latest developments. As are, of course, our design and quality control teams.

Pick any swatch from our box and we will make sure you have a beautiful sport coat within about a month’s time. You will love their fancy swatches and available basics.

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