Men’s Sport Coats


Brioni has been achieving comfort and ease in tailored clothing for more than five decades by remaining faithful to the canons of classic tailoring and never compromising on shape.

Because all Brioni clothing is made by hand, they are able to make up the softest, lightest fabrics in the world; luxurious cloths that could never be used for machine-made clothing. Fine tailoring, such as Brioni’s, may be considered an art. It is not an appreciated art, but for those few who do appreciate the art of a well-cut suit, it is so. Brioni produces something that is beautiful to look at. It is also reflective of personality. Fashion, even with regard to tailored clothing, is fleeting. True style is eternal. Understanding, intuitively, the difference between the two was key to the genius that distinguished Fonticoli and Savina and the legacy which they left behind known as Brioni -a legacy, it is clear that American men will continue to discover well into the millennium… and perhaps beyond.

We offer the basic navy blazer from Brioni and any other fabric directly from their custom fabric selection. Come see the swatches and decide which ones are lacking in your wardrobe.

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