Men’s Dress Shirts

Custom Made

We ship custom made shirts to customers across the globe.

There are a million reasons why you should try a custom shirt, regardless if you are hard to fit or not.

If you have always wondered why your sleeves are too short or why your collar is too big, we can fix that. If you are a body builder type with large shoulders and neck, but a small waist, then you would love these. No longer will you have to fold your shirt in the sides to taper them. They will simply fit.

If you are extra small or extra large and haven’t been able to find a shirt that works for you, please come have us fit you for a new shirt. The custom shirts are ordered in three and four shirt minimums, depending on the manufacturer, but can be a combination of any fabrics you choose.

You are also able to choose what style of collar, cuff, and pocket at no extra charge. You may choose from over 300 swatches and pick the fabrics that will work for you. Remember, there is a big difference between a shirt that is supposedly your size and one that is actually made to your measurements.

We will take about 15 measurements to ensure that every part you have ever disliked about a shirt will become the part you like the best!

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